livE Evil (feat. Wendego)

Date de sortie

Take the drugs out the Rez

Remove all the dealers

What’s the real problem and who’s the real healers?

Giving out the drugs to remove all the pain

The strain in the vein, mental health remains

A problem unsolved that resorts to cocaine!

Who’s to blame when we look untamed ?

I look all around at these little kids

Living in a world that’s reduced to this!

Why they can’t play like we used to did?

The only electronic was the lamp post lit

Run through the yards with their feet in the grass

The best connection was caught with a cast

What about the future? look at the past!

What we’re leaving them will never last!



I feel the pain and I’ve stared at the evil

Looked it in the eyes and clearly, I was equal

I have a hard time just to keep it peaceful

Invaders on my land, attacking our People


We need some Warriors, Warriors who bring that

We need some Warriors…need some Warriors!

We need some Warriors on every Rez, every corner east to west

From Van to Halifax and back to send a message

Stand against the dealers binging crack up on the Rez

Bringing shame upon the blessed

bringing pain with every death, every death!

Fuck your peaceful protest, let’s get this land back!

Buckshot cocked and loaded, and that’s a damn bet

It’s open season on these cowards

Wendego is hungry rabbit run, rabbit run

‘Fore I hit you with the shotty, stop me!

Trap you sell, the mans you killed 

The Reservation down in hell is what you got

It’s what you need your carelessness will make you bleed

Wendego is coming, Wendego is hungry

And if I have to take your life at least you know I’m coming

How many brothers gone? Sisters robbed?

How many of our People lost to this fucking drugs?