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Nikamowin is a platform propelled by the Non-Profit Organization Musique Nomade. With every dollar given, you contribute to help Musique Nomade to support the next generation of indigenous artists, to promote intercultural musical encounters and to claim cultural representation within the music industry. Your generosity also allows us to contribute to the digital memory of Indigenous languages and music.

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Hank Gromelski
We have met Hank Gromelski during our Stopover in Carleton-sur-Mer. He notably gave life to his title “Here and Gone” during this stay.

They and them participated…

Musique nomade has given me the confidence to trust my artistic process and to know that my Indigenous identity is very much a part of modern times. They have shown me I do not have to be historical. Every time we work together, I infuse my worldview and we make new ceremonies.
Raymond Sewell