Hit Me

Date de sortie
I’d like to think up some bad thoughts
And then spread those thoughts out with a loaded gun
Didn’t you hear me when I said run motherfucker, run, run motherfucker run?
I’ll spray your crib just for fun
Yellow’s still on the beats that weigh a ton!
Blow you the fuck up to kingdom come
My delivery of pain has just begun
And I won’t be finished until I’m done
The wrong one to get sprung
Have you hung
Def and blind but mostly dumb
Piece of shit, fucking dung!
No biblical reference
For your dead lefteded
What’s your preference?
Boxed up, cremated or pieced out spreadeded
Intercepteded your messages
To hit me up but left you unprotecteded
You’re death bededed
Hit me, c’mon hit me
I dare you, c’mon hit me!
I said hit me, c’mon hit me
You want me? Come and get me
But don’t you motherfucking miss me!