Hello Rain feat. Simon Nevin

Release Date

The rain is pouring down, the moon is bright

I light another cigarette, earphones tight

Sip another drink cause I’m ready for night

Rain drips down from the canopy top

Do I got the money to hit the shop?

Cash it in get the bills for the crop

Lightning flashes in the skies for my eyes

I know that hanging out is bad for a guy

Prolly be too late ‘fore I realize!

Families all tucked in, now I got a buck in

To the bag, I already stuffed in

When do I stop with all this stuffin'?

They say it’s too late, I better fill my plate

Never wanted more, than I can take

I take a look around and everyone’s fake…

I’m sick of them watching every move I make


Kwe Kikpesaq

Kwe Kikpesaq

Kwe Kikpesaq


Where’s the luck? And where’s the chance?

All’s ever wanted was to make y’all dance!

Everybody braggin’ bout they money and they riches

How they be hot and all of they bitches!

Disrespect people, the women they get with

Your style’s played out, why you keep missin’?

You expect our people to listen?

You better pay attention to the people you dissin’!

Women missing, men in prison!

We need more than, you been spittin’

Go ahead, yeah…you made a mistake

Turn it all around, say something great

Seven generations, we’re the eighth!

Get yourself to work, inspire the youth

Write a better story, yeah tell the truth!

Don’t waste my time when you’re in the booth!


Kwe Kikpesaq

Kwe Kikpesaq

Kwe Kikpesaq



It can rain all day for all I care!

I’d rather feel the drops from the clouds down here

The pain dissipates, clouds separate

My love is too strong to feel your hate!

The Pow Wow’s dropping, everyone’s boppin’

Crow foot dance, got everyone hoppin’!

sweat it out in four rounds in the lodge

With the Great Spirit in his entourage

When you get a vision, it’s not a mirage!

Received a message from the other side

Carried by the waves, ceremonial tides!

Feel alive and feel the pride

Wash away the pain and let it rain

Dance around and let it rain

Let it rain and let it rain

Dance around and let it rain


Kwe Kikpesaq

Kwe Kikpesaq

Kwe Kikpesaq