Pokuhulakon Witsehkehsu (Sisters of Drums)


Pokuhulakon Witsehkehsu (Sisters of Drums)
Nation / Territory
St Mary's


"For the longest time I wanted to join a women's hand drum group but there were none in the fredericton after alot of thinking and talking to others I came up with the idea to start a group - to see if others were looking to learn songs and drumming." Krista Paul and the eight ladies that joined her really didnt know what to expect. They didnt have any teachers, they were just a bunch of women with the same interest in teaching and learning from each other. They began to meet every Tuesday and and since then, it has never stopped. They now created two groups: one that is dedicated to performing and another one that is open to all that are interested. Both groups bring many beautiful women together sharing laughs, stories, tears, and songs. The "performing group" is made up of 9 ladies that have committed their hearts and voices to share the beautiful songs on their people [Kelsey Nash-Solomon, Aaron Hatty, Cole Hatty, Jessica Paul, Emily Paul, Jenny Perley-Martin, Rosanne Clark, Nisha Nicholas and Krista Paul]. Since they started, the have appeared in the 2017 May/June Canadian Geographic, sang at the 2017 state of the province address, take back the night march, sisters in spirit march, sing at schools, graduations and they will be singing at upcoming canada 150 events in the province. Krista Paul is proud of what her drumming group accomplished in the last year: "These ladies mean alot to me and the drumming heals my soul i am so thankful everyday for the journey we are all on together... We have truly become Pokuhulakon Witsehkehsu: Sisters of the drum!"




À la rencontre de / Meet : Pokuhulakon Witsehkehsu (Sisters Of Drums)

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