Live Alone

Release Date

I've been messy watching TV 
Smoke house 
Then jump in my couch 

Voice grows deeper 
As lungs get darker 
Wear heels for breakfast 
And eat candy for dinner

Still wish I was a little bit thinner 
Still wish I was really good singer! 

I just ordered some wine online 
I lost people in my family line 
Don't think my facemask will do this time 
Bills get me choked on my pennies and dime 

Ex friend yeah she overdosed 
I don't talk to her friends anymore 
That's why I like to live alone 
Tucked away in my tiny throne 

You can break me 
You can't have me
You can help me then abuse me 
You can fix me 
You can help me 

You can love me 
You can heal me 
You can pay me hunny bunny 
You can sue me 
What is money? 

I don't really care about your first world problems 
The funny part is you know how to solve them 
I don't really feel like being your fantasy