Musique Nomade


Musique nomade (MN) is a not-for-profit organization that produces and promotes traditional and contemporary Indigenous musicians. MN supports up-and-coming musicians, advocates fair Indigenous cultural representation within the music industry, and contributes to the survival of Indigenous languages and traditional music through digital media.

NIKAMOWIN is a streaming platform developed by MN to bring together the musical compositions and profiles of artists from MN's network and elsewhere. The project aims to demonstrate the power and diversity of Indigenous music and cultures and to facilitate the access of the public and disseminators to them by bringing them together under one tool enabling discovery and listening.

The artists can promote their projects through NIKAMOWIN, with no barriers as to territory or musical genre.


The MN team travels through the territory, including remote areas, to meet with Indigenous songwriters and musicians in their community or city, offering them free music and video recording services and developing various projects with them. MN is a stepping stone to a musical career, and numerous artists have launched their musical careers through a collaboration with MN.

Through its workshops for recording and skills development, MN has weaved invaluable ties and developed a network of artists whose genre-spanning musical creations today form one of the most comprehensive repertoires in Canada, available on the NIKAMOWIN platform. Traditional drum ensembles; folk, pop and rock singers; rappers; DJs; classical musicians; jazz musicians... The diversity of this repetoire reflects that of Indigenous cultures.


MN is a producer and collaborator of shows and events featuring numerous artists from its network, and supports Indigenous cultural representation. MN's big flagship concert event, NIKAMOTAN MTL, is held each summer as part of the Présence autochtone / First Peoples festival at Montreal's Place des Festivals. The annual show showcases the rising stars of traditional and indie Indigenous music. It is a collision of musical worlds that gathers together artists from disparate musical and cultural backgrounds. The third edition, NIKAMOTAN MTL – nicto, will take place in August 2019.


Musique nomade is a non-profit founded in 2006 by filmmaker and Wapikoni Mobile founder Manon Barbeau. The organization's mission is to support up-and-coming Indigenous talent while encouraging intercultural encounters between artists of all backgrounds.

For Indigenous singer-songwriters wishing to undertake a musical career, MN is a production partner that offers adapted tools, a professional mobile recording team, and expertise in musical production and dissemination.

For businesses, organizations and promoters interested in having audiences discover the Indigenous cultures of Quebec, Canada and elsewhere, MN is a premier partner because of its rare and eclectic repertoire of emerging and traditional Indigenous music as well as its network of quality contacts across the country. Its event partners include Productions Menuentakuan, Présence autochtone / First Nations Festival, Coup de cœur francophone, Festival de musique émergente, La Noce, Innu Nikamu, ArtsNB, Metepenagiag Heritage Park, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, La Fabrique culturelle, Wapikoni mobile, and many more.


Musique nomade is a non-profit organization that relies on various partners for its funding, among them the Abe & Ruth Feigelson Foundation, a longtime contributor, as well as Sirius XM, Musicaction, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, and the New Brunswick Arts Board. Warm thanks to all who support promising Indigenous artists through MN's activities. It is also possible to make a donation to Musique nomade.

All royalties from musical projects are shared by the artists and MN. The organization's revenues are reinvested into its community-based recording activities in order to ensure the continuity and development of new and emerging musical talent.