Release Date

This one’s for my Momma

Let me brag about my Momma

I love you Mommy


Gimme da mic so I can talk about my momma

Raised by the state of perpetual drama

With a childhood of unescapable trauma

Momma taught me to dance outside in the rain

Always makin the time, showin’ a smile through the pain

No worrying about the darkness it’s all in your brain

I’m talkin’ about these difficult times when I sing

My Momma’s a Queen, yeah, my Momma’s a king

She’s the reason why I’m even doing this thing

A little Irish girl with her Irish pride!

Red, red hair and her green, green eyes!

County Mayo, NYC and Nash combined

Move to the North, on the Rez we reside

Family she built with family pride


My Momma, this one’s for my Momma


She grew up in the rough, put time in the struggle

Wasn’t afraid to find a way to get through the trouble

Never had a handout, worked on it double

Momma built a castle on top of the rubble

Now I see you laughing and living it good!

Livin’ in the moment, the way that you should!

I wanna say thank you for my childhood

And I’m sorry if I ever misunderstood

Sometimes when I was selfish I know you felt helpless

You never gave up even though you might’ve felt it!

I want you to know that I’m here for you too!

Any little thing that you need me to do

Anywhere you need to go, I’ll bring you

Anytime you wanna call, I’m here for you!

I love you mom and know that’s true

I love you mom, yeah, that’s for true!


My Momma, this one’s for my Momma